Enjoy Fun & Games in our Recreation Room

rec·re·a·tion room

  1. a room in an institution or place of work in which people can relax and play games



We feature five coin operated bar-sized pool tables ~ great for casual fun, team competitions or tournaments. Come check out our 8 ball tournament every Wednesday night at 8 pm!

pool table rules


Dart Boards

Defiance Darts

Two electronic soft-tip Radikal boards with internet connectivity to play against anyone, anywhere or challenge in house players.

Plus, steel tip board available for some old school dart practice!





Internet jukebox  ~ find, purchase, and play music on the jukebox on site OR right from your phone on the AMI app.






Multiple flat screen TVs throughout the room, plus large drop screen in dining area ~ make sure you don't miss your favorite game or race!


Golden Tee

Golden TeeSince its inception in 1989, Golden Tee has become a ubiquitous part of barroom popular culture. Now it is the number one arcade game in the WORLD!





Go old school - with Aerosmith - enjoy the lights and sounds of good old-fashioned pinball.



Video Gaming

Video Skill Games

Queen Skill games are the most recent additions to our game corral!! Featuring two table top games on the bar side and three free standing machines in the "Recreation Room"

Queen Skill Game